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The Kingdom - Musical and theological introduction

Thursday 25 May 2017 (Ascension Day), 11 a.m. · Trinitatiskirche Köln
In cooperation with the Melanchthon-Akademie Köln

»The Kingdom« – Musical and theological introduction
Musical and theological introduction to Elgar’s setting of the Acts of the Apostles and critical thoughts on the mission of Saint Peter · Free admission!

The events described in the Acts of the Apostles after the ascension of Christ form the central narrative of »The Kingdom«, especially the »Miracle at Pentecost«, the moment in which the multilingual crowd gathered at Jerusalem understands the speech of the Apostles in their own tongue by grace of the Holy Spirit, thus ending the Babylonian confusion which God had inflicted on mankind as punishment for the Tower of Babel. In the Acts of the Apostles, Pentecost is depicted in connection with the Jewish Festival of Weeks, with which the Folk of Israel commemorate the gift of the Thora, »offered« to all peoples at Mount Sinai.
This particular moment seems to have come again: Peter’s address, calling for repentance and, ultimately, Christian baptism, provides an interesting, even controversial theological discussion point until this day. Much can be heard and read about converts to Islam, but is it still appropriate to preach and sing about Christian missionary thoughts? Furthermore: what does Whitsun mean today, if the confused peoples are once again presented with the »old« prophesies? Dr Martin Bock, theologian and director of the Melanchthon-Akademie, will debate this with conductor Thomas Neuhoff and Simon Bailey, who sings the role of Peter.

Unterstützt von der Elgar Society, dem Elgar Family Trust und dem Elgar-Freundeskreis Deutschland